We are currently working on several mobile apps to showcase mPASS technology.

To present mPASS we have designed 4 mobile apps. They use speech recognition systems of individual users, which were previosuly trained with the mPASS online platform.

1. Dictation-based application for “translating” impaired speech into text and sythesized speech. This app can be used, e.g., during the doctor's visit but also in many other day-to-day situations. 

App1 doctor

2. Educational game for children. This game helps to learn reading by showing the syllables

 a child should pronaunce. Once done correctly - you collect points:)

App2 game

3. Mobile “communication book” - an app for people who use communication books to contact with the others and have accompanied motor skills disorders. Communication books allow to create a sentences and phrases by collecting figures presenting the necessary words of a sentence. Our communication book can be controlled by voice, even if the person can pronaunce just few distinguishable sounds. This way persons, who encounter problems when moving their hands, can steer the application and communicate with the others without help of an accompanying person.

App2 book 

4. Application allowing to dictate SMS-es and e-mails from a mobile device. This app allows not only to dictate the message content, but also to control the process of sending a message. The user can specify a list of phrases and commands he/she wishes to use. Usually these are the messages that are used most often or the ones necessary to urgently call for help.